The Benefits of an Early Morning Bath

There are some people who love taking a soothing bath right before bed to aid in sleep, but there are also those that love taking a nice calming bath in the morning to start their day. For those who practice this morning bath routine, there's nothing that can compare when it comes to preparing you for the long day ahead. Here, we're going to go over some of the benefits of taking a bath first thing in the morning.


Helps to reduce stress

Taking a bath in the morning can actually help to lower stress levels by giving you the time to meditate and collect your thoughts before a long taxing day. This period of time to reflect can keep the body's stress hormone, Cortisol, in check. 


Helps keep skin clean

If your skin is prone to acne or becoming too oily, massaging the face with warm water in the morning is a good way to clean off excess oil from last night's sleep. For people with oily skin, this is perfect as early morning baths can make your skin drier throughout the day.


Helps with waking up and feeling alert

If you're a person that wakes up and takes a little while to get up and running, a morning bath could be exactly what you need. Bathing in the morning can actually boost your metabolism and make you feel more alert. Studies suggest that using cold water for the last few minutes of your bath can help you stay more alert throughout the day.


Helps boost creativity

While bathing you enter an alert, yet relaxed alpha brain wave state, which actually helps to reflect on ideas and concepts which would otherwise be impossible with all the distractions of the day. The human mind is more active early on in the day and when you bathe, you somewhat enter a state of meditation which will allow your active mind to wander and exercise it's creativity.



 If you're not currently a morning person, you may want to switch things up or risk missing out on all the benefits of an early bird bath!

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