A Quick Guide to Keeping your Bathtub Clean

You can only be so careful for so long. Eventually your bathtub, as with all other things, will suffer from a little wear and tear if you don't keep up proper maintenance. Don't worry though! Just follow these steps and you'll keep your bathtub sparkling and lasting for a long time!

Step 1: Get rid of any stains

Firstly, if you're looking for a sparkling tub, you're going to need to get rid of those obvious stains you've accumulated from all those bath bombs (some bath bombs can really stain your bathtub).

To do this you're going to need to use a strong all-purpose cleaner that won't harm your tub. Apply the cleaner, scrub away any stains with a sponge, and then rinse clean.


Step 2: Clean any leftover soap scum

The next step to making your bathtub look brand new is to make it shine. For this you're going to want to use some vinegar. Normal household cleaners are perfect for cutting through grease due to their alkaline nature but soap scum is another problem entirely.

Soap scum is formed when minerals in H20 combine with molecules in soap. Using your average household cleaner isn't very effective at ridding your tub of this soap scum because of soap scums alkaline nature. Vinegar is naturally acidic which can cut right through that soap scum and this is why we use it.

Here we have two options and we're going to go over each.

Option 1: Long Vinegar Soak

For this option you want to put in several cups of vinegar in your tub and fill the rest of the tub with hot water. Let the water and vinegar solution sit for a few hours then gently scrub and cleanse the tub with a sponge. Once done, rinse the tub with cold water.

Option 2: Quick Vinegar Cleanse

 For this option mix equal parts vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle. Spray the tub generously and leave on for 15 - 20 minutes. Scrub with a soft sponge and rinse with cold water. (For a deeper clean you can also put a bit of baking soda on the sponge before scrubbing.)


Step 3: Dry the bathtub

Dry the tub with a soft microfiber cloth. Using a microfiber cloth prevents any scratching from the drying process. This will dry and polish the tub at the same time.

If you have a porcelain tub, make sure to dry with a cloth as letting a porcelain bathtub air dry can leave behind water stains.

Finish drying and you're all set with a sparkling clean bathtub that looks as good as new!


Bonus Tip: Clean that Drain!

Over time your drain can become clogged due to accumulation of either hair, oils, or both. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to flush a cleaning solution down your drain.

Pour half a cup of baking soda, then half a cup of white vinegar down your drain. Leave that in the drain for 5-10 minutes then flush it down with hot water. You'll want to do this about once a month to prevent your drain from clogging. 

If your drain seems a bit clogged already, simply leave the solution in for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the severity of the clogging. 


Enjoy Your Sparkling Bathtub!

By integrating this guide into your bathroom cleaning routine, you're sure to keep your bathtub looking beautiful and sparkling for a very long time! 

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